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Don’t let the harsh East Coast winter weather slow you down. With Maryland ice melting products from Newsom Seed, you’ll be prepared to handle whatever winter has in store for you. Our company specializes in a variety of outdoor necessities such as fertilizers, pesticides and grass seed, and we also offer efficient ice melt salt and deicers on our product list. We’re used to customizing our products to meet the unique needs of our customers, and you can expect a variety of winter products that include ice pellets, salt crystals and ice melters.

Our ice melt salt and deicers are top quality and highly effective, so you can except to clear your parking lot, entrance, sidewalk or driveway with a few simple applications. Our ice melting products in Maryland can be used by contractors or homeowners, making us a one-stop-source for businesses, landscapers and residential homeowners. In fact, we can ship as many bags as necessary to anyone in the state of Maryland. We also service the areas of Virginia and Washington DC, as we understand the severe winters that the East Coast has been faced with over the last few years.

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When working with Newsom Seed, you’ll find that we don’t just sell our customers ice melt products in Maryland and say they are the best. Instead, we carefully evaluate the different mixtures that provide the best results. To be effective, ice melters must create a brine solution that has a lower freezing point than the snow and ice that surrounds the area. All ice melt salt products work differently to achieve this brine solution, as some create their own heat with a chemical reaction. We do recommend that when using our ice melt salt in Maryland, you reapply the deicer after the first application. If the snow is more than two inches, plow or shovel the area first and spread the deicer.

Keep your home or business safer this winter season with Newsom Seed Maryland ice melting products.

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