Ice Melt Snow Melting Products Rock Salt Maryland

Don’t find yourself being left in the cold this winter season. With Newsom Seed snow melting rock salt in Maryland, you’ll be prepared to handle whatever the winter weather brings your way. While you may be familiar with our company for the grass seed, fertilizer and pesticides that we carry, we also offer a line of winter necessities to help our customers fight the cold, wintry weather. These products include ice melters, ice melting pellets and salt crystals. We don’t just choose any products, either. To be effective, the ice melter creates a brine solution that has a lower freezing point than the nearby ice and snow. Only then can it melt everything around it without damaging the surface.

Maryland rock salt is unique in how it creates the brine solution, as some must absorb heat or create heat to work. While our ice melting rock salt in Maryland is safe to use on many surfaces such as pavement and cement, there are some limitations. We do not recommend deicers to be applied directly onto shrubs, trees or flower beds, as this can burn and damage the greens. We also do not recommend that our Maryland ice melting products be used on decorative pavements or cement that is less than one year old. If you do choose to use the ice melter on these surfaces, it is at your own risk.

Newsom Seed is the premium supplier for quality ice melt products in Maryland, and we can ship as many bags as required as long as you reside in the state. Our products can be used by anyone, from contractors to homeowners, and they work quickly and efficiently to clear snow and ice so that walking and driving is safe for customers, friends, family and neighbors. Be prepared this winter season with snow melting rock salt in Maryland from Newsom Seed. Call or stop by the Airpark location today!

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