Maryland Ice Melting Melter Salt Deicer

If your home or business requires Maryland ice melting salt, count on Newsom Seed for all your winter needs. You probably know our name from the high-quality fertilizer, seed and pesticides that we sell, and we now carry a full assortment of ice melt salt and deicers. Our products are highly efficient and designed to fight the harsh winters that occur in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. You can use our Maryland deicer products for just about every application, including sidewalks, driveways or parking lots. Business owners, landscapers, and homeowners use our products, and we can ship as many bags as you need, providing you live in the state of Maryland.

There are some restrictions as with any deicer products, as they are not recommended for cement that is less than one year old, as well as decorative pavers such as brick, flagstone or limestone. The deicers can damage these surfaces, so know that if you use our deicer products in Maryland on these surfaces, you do so at your own risk. Deicers should never be directly applied to shrubs, flower beds or trees either, as they will cause burning and damage. Otherwise, our products are safe to use and highly effective, as they create a brine solution that has a lower freezing point than the surrounding areas of ice and snow. This allows everything to thaw and melt, creating a safer place to walk and drive.

When browsing through our Maryland ice melter products, you’ll find ice melting pellets, salt crystals and premium ice melters. In fact, we are the premium supplier for quality ice melt salt and continue to serve the Maryland area and beyond, offering effective solutions for the harshest winters. Be prepared for this winter with our Maryland ice melting salt that is simply the best in the state. Visit us at our Airpark address today!

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